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    virginia Straight pipe exhaust legalities

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    i was thinking about getting a straight pipe, in virginia, and i was wondering if there were any other laws preventing us from legally getting it other than emissions

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    Re: virginia Straight pipe exhaust legalities

    Is it OEM or rated to perform as if it was like OEM?

    If not, its a no-go.

    Also, if its LOUD as f**k, expect to be pulled over and given a ticket for a "defective part". Thats what I'd "do"

    I have VA code too if you need it in writing.
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    Re: virginia Straight pipe exhaust legalities

    There are so many regulations on the books that they can cite you for pretty much anything. excessively loud exhaust, modification to an emmission component, ect.

    So. While you may pass emmisions with a modded exhaust, don't think that means you cannot be ticketed for it.


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