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    Removing front axle. Will trans fluid drain?

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    I am going to help a friend remove his front axle and was not sure if the trans fluid would drain when the axle was removed. On my car this will happen, however, it is a manual. He has a 2006 A3 3.2. I believe it will not as I assume it has a pan where most of the fluid is but that is a guess. I assume it is a DSG but the place I am buying parts does not have DSG fluid in stock, however I assume a dealer will. Looks like I would need 6L but may just have to get the kit:

    Hopefully can replace/fix axle w/o dealing with trans fluid.

    I have an A4 but am still learning Audi but know how to work on cars. I have yet to figure out what I would need to do to change fluid on A4, however I have been able to do all the other maintenance such as timing belt etc...


    No it does not. There is a flange that the axle mounts to which stays in the trans.
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