Time to make those A3/S3's handle!!!

Now that the 8V Platform has plenty of engine upgrades out in the market itís time to make sure you can control all that power. Luckily for us, the suspension guruís over at KW suspension have us covered.

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RS4 V3:

B8 A4 ST:


KW V1: 1799.99 Free Shipping
KW V2: 2219.99 Free Shipping
KW V3: 2779.99 Free Shipping
KW HLS2: 3599.99 Free Shipping
KW HLS4: 4749.99 Free Shipping
KW DDCL 3969.99 Free Shipping
ST XTA: 1429.99 Free Shipping

The V1/2/3 Range is the best compromise between performance and street ability. The further up the range the more adjustment you get. The HLS systems are for those wanting the ability to adjust ride height on the fly. DDC for those wanting the utmost adjustability and integration with the stock suspension adjustment, and the ST XTAís are for those looking for a budget oriented complete coil over system. Although more affordable than the V1ís the same amount of R&D and care goes into producing these, and include camber plates, helper springs, etc.

We have installed the entire range of KW products from HAS Spring Kits to Double Adjustable Clubsports so if you have any questions about something specific or something not listed here please don't hesitate to call.

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