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    Should I buy this A3? Just totalled my B6 A4...

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    Hey guys,

    My B6 A4 just got totalled last week, and I have been looking around for a suitable replacement. The insurance company is cutting me a check for about $8500. I found a SICK looking 2007 A3 S-Line, that has been previously owned and garaged by an "enthusiast". It is selling for right at $8500. It's Ibis White, and has upgraded wheels (newer model 5 stars). It has the 3.2 engine with Quattro. Upgraded grill (no license plate holder at all and no strip across the front) and has the "fullview skylight" on the roof.

    The only thing that concerns me is the mileage. It has 147k. Is this too high of a mileage, and what sort of mileage do these typically go before they go kaput? I'll be using it as a daily driver, and will be putting about 175 miles per week on it.

    Also, what sort of "red flags" should I be on the lookout for these cars that would make it be a dealbreaker?

    Thanks in advance for any and all input.

    Edit: Here's a pic for posterity's sake!

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    Should I buy this A3? Just totalled my B6 A4...

    I wouldn't buy it personally, based on miles and how many miles you drive.

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    Miles/year does not = overall condition. It will vary as we all know.

    Personally I maintain the drivetrain and keep a fresh coat of wax on the car regardless of where it's parked overnight.

    I cannot speak personally to how long your 3.2 engine will last, get a compression test done. Or go the cheap route and turn the engine manually and feel the tension.

    If the engine goes out, there should be plenty of resources to rebuild or replace...
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