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12-22-2005, 09:44 AM
So I got a GT2X elim kit with the software and fueling kit.

Got it installed by my mechanic and was waiting for the ECU to come back. When the ECU is installed my mechanic tells me the car is not running right.

The place where I got the ECU then decided to have my car towed to their facility so they can take a look.

Turns out my old turbo (K03) left a turbine nut in the hoses somewhere so after the new turbo was installed the nut DESTROYED my BRAND NEW TURBO!!!!!!

Now my mechanic is claiming it's not his fault and is trying to make me pay an additional $700 to repair the busted turbo, even though it is his fault!

When the K03 was removed he said he looked for it but couldn't find it even though he was aware of the missing nut.
WTF?!?! What are my options now?
Small claims court? Consumer council?
I'm not about to pay for their fuckup!


the shop is European Auto Service in Walnut Creek on Mazda Drive, the guy (Tomas) still insists it's not his fault that and that any other shop would 've charged me for their mistake - fving bullsh*t!

Anyways I told the tech (Tomas) that I was not gonna pay the $700 for the brand new turbo that he damaged during the install. He ended up covering the $700, prolly because I was posting here threatening to call the BBB, small claims court etc.

12-22-2005, 09:51 AM
So he ended up covering the cost of a replacement turbo?

12-22-2005, 09:57 AM
Yeah he did, but I assume it was because he saw the post I put up here about BBB etc.

I also had him install a forge DV a little while back before I got BT. Afterwards the car was really sluggish so I got him to remove it and install a 710N. I suggested that the forge might need to be lubed but he was like 'no it should not need to' .

after he removed it I noticed that the piston was the rubber one (I told him to put in the metal one) and that the piston was stuck! I put the metal one in and it moves freely now.