View Full Version : www.cheapwheels.com - very positive experience!!!

12-15-2005, 10:35 AM
Wanted to share my experience with www.cheapwheels.com Customer service is above and beyond [up] [up] [up]

I've been eyballing some wheels for my car, but being on the strict budget, not the easiest thing to do...

Found a set of ATS Planet (2 piece wheels) at cheapwheels.com, price was excellent, they offered to sell any tire of my choice, mount, balance and ship for free (kinda expected now days though).

UPS screwed up, and there were only 3 wheels [headbang]

Being a "closeout" place, this was the only set available in 5x112... So as a token of customer satisfaction, they not only offered a full refund, but also a chance to find a different set of wheels of my choice at a "very" discount price to compensate for something they were not even responsible for (loss of the 4th wheel by UPS)

Long story short, I did get an alternate wheel/tire package that I requested and from what I can tell, at least $400 cheaper than any one else could offer on line (and I DO shop)

All in all - best overall experience and the effort of these guys to achive 100% customer satisfaction like nowhere else!!!