View Full Version : OEMHID issues

11-10-2005, 07:34 PM
My experience with OEMHID has been subpar at best. I ordered an H7 kit from them for my B5 about 2 months ago and about a month later, one side went out. At first I thought it was the bulb but after testing it out, I figured out both bulbs were fine and it was a ballast problem. It took about a week and a half for OEMHID to contact me back and he told me to send him the defective part and he would replace it. Over two weeks later, I still haven't received the replacement ballast. I've only received two e-mails from them, the first telling me to send them the defective part and the second about a week ago saying they were "tracking" my ballast for me. To make matters worse, I tried contacting the site with a different e-mail concerning a sales inquiry and not surprisingly that got a response.

To recap, I got a kit a little over two months ago, and one of the ballasts malfunctioned about a month later. A week and a half after contacting OEMHID about the problem, I was finaly e-mailed back and was told to return the defective part. Two and a half weeks later, I have still received nothing and the only contact was an e-mail saying the package was being tracked. It has been a horrible experience overall. I had functioning HID's for all of one month and the rest of the time has consisted of constantly checking my e-mail for a repsonse from OEMHID. I would not recommend this site to anyone looking for a hassle-free HID setup.

EDIT: I'm usually on AudiForums but I was told to post here since OEMHID does a lot of business on here. Just wanted to warn everyone.