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10-10-2005, 01:35 PM
Ok guys remember Waterfest it was like 3 monthes ago. Well I decided I wanted DTM RS4 Reps and who else to go to that then either Hartmann Wheels or someone who works with them Achtuning. I head over to the booth and order my wheels, awesome. Heck i even get a free shirt and shipping. No everything goes as planned and I recieve my wheels, although upon further inspection I'm missing the centercaps that I was told are included for free. I look at the invoice and it states that it was included. Sooo, I email them to see whats up with that. They dont respond, I email them again a few days later. They answer and say sorry my email was put in junk mail accidentally, ok cool reasonable mistake. As for my centercaps, the guy who does shipping is also the guy who custom fabricates these centercaps to fit on the DTM reps was out and they weren't able to get them to me. Ok, reasonable again not gonna expect them to do something the literately can't, even though they prob should have notified me about that, and they say they'll send a set out to me. 3 weeks later and I still have no centercaps. I give them a call and this lady answers and i explain my situation. She assures me that a set will be sent to me and even asks if all my info is still the same. Ok, so i figure I'M DEF GETTING THEM THIS TIME. Its been 2 weeks, WTF ACHTUNING! This is the first and only purchase i have made and it being $1000+ purchase maybe i might want to spend an equal amount later on. i would have thought that something as simple as sending centercaps is so freaking hard.
I'm most certainly not a ball buster i think 3 months almost to date of the order is MORE then reasonable enough to be able to complete the order you screwed up. Yes i realize these are only centercaps but please tell me y i should spend 40 a piece on centercaps i was told was part of my order. I have saved all the documents and emails that i have sent as well as the ones i have recieved, i'm not just talking out of my @$$. Just thought it'd be nice to let people know about this and hopefully they will be a lil more caution of any future purchases.

10-10-2005, 06:40 PM
Post on Audiworld S4 forum if you havent already done so. You will definitely get a respond there.

10-11-2005, 06:57 PM
Well I spent $2000 and wheels and tires and they still havent sent them...over 1 month...they already charged me as well...I wouldnt deal with them again.