View Full Version : How to ID general Boost Loss, Cam Follower failures, etc using VAG COM.

06-14-2013, 11:43 AM
Hi All, a general question. How does one know if they are not getting 100% from their turbo? I recently purchased a Ross-Tech cable and found 1 fault code for misfire in cylinder 1, but this has not come back after I replace plugs/coil packs. Figured I should do all as I have 130k miles.

Anyway, now that I have this cable and can log data, I'm curious if anyone can recommend a few variables to track/plot to try to diagnose potential failures, or opportunities to better maximize the turbo's potential. For example, what would I plot to see if I'm having boost loss? Or what would I plot to see if I need to replace the Cam Follower? Suggestions welcome!

I recorded my 1st set of data yesterday - rolling stop through 4th gear. Not sure if anything can be extracted from this graph or not. I'm new to the data plotting. Thanks!


06-18-2013, 02:34 AM
Cam follower failure just happens without warning. If you are near 70k miles on an oem hpfp, begin checking every 10k miles up to 100k miles. Then check every 5k miles until the black DLCoating begins wearing off revealing the alloy underneath. If you have an upgraded hpfp you need to check every 10k miles until you see a pattern when it begins wearing into the alloy. Mine has worked into an every 12k mile life cycle.