View Full Version : HELP w/ B7 A4 gearbox spacing??

05-21-2013, 10:51 AM
I recently purchased a B7 A4 Quattro. The problem is the gears are not where they should be. Meaning the reverse is where 1st gear typically is and does not require pushing down on the shifter. And all the rest of the gears are shifted over to the right. As result 5th and 6th gear are way far on the right and there is not a lot of space between the all the gears.

The clutch was replaced 2K before I purchased the vehicle. Apparently mechanic that installed the clutch did not put back together the gearbox correctly? The car drives just fine and I'm already used to the new gear locations, but I would like to fix this if possible.

Can anyone provide input on what actually is the problem and if its an easy fix?