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06-17-2012, 10:23 AM
I have used the seach button numerous times, but I am at a loss, and need help.


2006 2.0T
GIAC stage one
Borla 2.5 downpipe back

OK so about two days after installing my CAI....I get a CEL P-0171, Bank 1 to lean. I should have stopped there, and put the stock air box back, and see if that fixed it.


Second gear pull is rapid, but not sever studdering, third and fourth and so on are apparent also, but not that bad. Hard starts after refuleing, rough idle,

I proceded to search and search.
If I clear the code, it runs great for a day or two. Pulls real hard, and no issues. Then it will start with the second gear hesitation at WOT, and then a rough idle again, and in about 10-15 miles CEL comes back on. It seems to me like a senor issue. Cause if it was fuel pump, or injectors or something mechanical, it should happen all the time, and not run great for a day or two, and then run shitty. Yes.....No????
Recently my buddy that is a CMT at Audi did a full timing belt service. He spent some time on it and determind there is no vac or boost leaks. He told possibly my injectors can't keep up with the tune, but it is only Stage I. And second my MAF is having trouble reading the tune/ mapping, but I had the tune flashed about six months before the CEL came on.
I also did a leak test a few month back by pressurizing the top of the turbo with about 15 psi also.

Since the start of this I have replaced MAF, PCV, Vent purge Valve (twice), fuel filter
Checked DV, boost leak test,

Could it maybe be cam follower, it was replaced once, but maybe it needs it again. Reflash of tune??

IDK guys....... Im sorry for a long post, but we are going on four months with it not running right, and when I get a taste of it running perfect, after a cleared CEL, I want it all the time. Just like CRACK!!!!

06-21-2012, 01:30 AM
Have you change out sparks and coils lately? I mean it sounds like youve done all the major checks but maybe something as small as old sparks and coils could be tripping you up.

06-21-2012, 05:24 AM
coil packs were changed on the recall just before i got the car in March. I changed plugs to NGK coppers also. I have drivin a car when a coil goes bad, and it was almost undrivable. I am going to check the plugs again though, cause that could deff be a problem area.