View Full Version : DIY: Replacing MAF and/or air filter on 1.8T

02-24-2012, 12:20 PM
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The first pic is what you will be working with (please pardon the engine compartment, it is dirty). You will first remove the snorkel held in place by 2 phillips screws on the front of the car. Just follow the snorkel (arrowed) and you can't miss it.

Next, you want to remove the MAF connector (Middle one circled: It is behind a rubber grommet. Simply lift the grommet up and remove the connector. I fubered up my connector a while ago bc I did not know how easy the release clips worked. Yeah, dumb mistake on my behalf, but does not bother me), loosen the clamp for the turbo inlet pipe aka TIP (bottom one circled), and loosen the clamp circled on top (plumbing for evap system). For people with an ICM, you will need to disconnect this also. I don't have one.

Take off the turbo inlet hose, evap valve, and secondary air pump hose (it is the only one left attached to the air box. right next to the turbo inlet hose). It is held in place by a rubber ring. Be sure not lose this. And you end up with this.

There will be clips that hold the upper part of the air box to the lower portion. Unclip those (I have 3 that I needed to unclip because one of mine is missing, but there should be 4. the first one will be very visible). Take off the top portion of the air box and you end up with this. Here, you can replace your air filter.

Here is where the MAF is located (top portion of air box). There are 2 phillips screws that hold down the funnel for the MAF. Unscrew those and take the MAF out, which is attached to the funnel by 2 little nubs. Then simply swap in your new MAF. Before even wanting to replace the MAF, try the CRC MAF cleaner first on the actual element inside the MAF housing first (you can pick this up at your local parts store). Your MAF may not always be faulty, but simply dirty and needs to be cleaned. And make sure when replacing, that the arrow is facing to where the air will flow (back into the turbo inlet hose).

[Note: It was brought to my attention that there is a rubber seal between the MAF and airbox. My car never came with one, so I never knew there was one. So, be sure to place this back in the same way you took it out.]

It's really that simple, and you just saved yourself some money. Reinstall in reverse order.

Disclaimer: Neither I, Audizine, or any of it's members are responsible for any mishaps that may occur following this DIY