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07-01-2011, 05:50 PM
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If you go pump your car with gasoline and end up with the scenerio of having the pump constantly cut off, having to adjust the nozzle and apply certain pressure so the pump does not cut off yet still does, then you more than likely need to replace your charcoal canister.

It isn't difficult at all to replace, and should really take you no more than 30min. If you can change your own motor oil, then you can swap this part out. I purchased my part used (hopefully it won't cause a similar issue), and new ones cost roughly $150. If purchased new, it should come with little hose attachments and one time clamps on them. But the install is still the same, just I removed a different clamp (on the canister) vs ones on the evap hard lines. Anyways, it isn't rocket science. It's just the removal of a couple nuts, couple studs, and couple clamps. Install in reverse.

Parts needed:
-10mm socket and ratchet (small extension makes things easier)
-1/2" (not sure what this is in metric) deep socket
-new clamps (if you already have the replacement canister, you can guestimate the size of the clamps you will need. keep in mind, the hoses are rather thick)

I would suggest you use ramps to raise your back end for this task. The reason I say, is because your emergency brakes work on the rear brakes, and not the front. If you do something like only jack up the rear, you are going to hurt yourself.........badly. You can place the car in gear to counteract this, but eh. Just get ramps or jack the entire car up and leave on jack stands. Anyways, place your ramps in place on the rear tires, back up onto them, and apply the e-brake.


The charcoal canister is located underneath where the spare tire would be located, on the undercariage of the vehicle.

Remove the 3 10mm nuts holding the cover in place and move cover to the side

After that, use the 1/2" deep socket to get the 3 studs out holding the canister to the vehicle (they look like 3 nuts, but they aren't). Let the canister drop, and it will give you better room and angles to get at the clamps. If you have not become well aquainted with the one time clamps, you should become very familar with them. Over time, you will find your own easiest way of taking them off. Anyways, take off the one time clamp that holds the evap semi-hard lines to the canister. I removed the ones that are applicable to what I needed to remove, and you should only remove the ones that you need to get the canister out.

And just reinstall in reverse. It's easiest to mount the canister back onto the car first, then tighten the clamps. Just be sure to watch orientation of your clamps upon reinstallation, because space is limited when placing the cover back on.


Button everything back up, and enjoy pumping your gas without cursing out the pump. As stated before, it's not rocket science. It's just easier to have a write up laying around than not.

disclosure: Niether I, Audizine, or any of it's members are responsible for any mishaps that may occur

07-01-2011, 06:05 PM
Always a source of such useful information [up]

shoot, I didn't even know where the canister was on our cars

07-01-2011, 06:16 PM
Good stuff. I did not know either. Thanks

07-01-2011, 07:41 PM
I also appreciate this! My car does this and I never bothered to find out why. I will replace this soon.

Thank you!

07-01-2011, 08:36 PM
If anyone is interested I have a used good one in known good shape without issues for 55 bucks shipped.

07-02-2011, 12:20 PM
Thanks for this write up Seerlah. I always have that problem at the gas pump and never could figure out why.

10-27-2017, 10:35 AM
Just to bump this with some additional knowledge, a good way to test if your charcoal canister is bad is by disconnecting it, plugging the line that goes to the N80, and going to fill up with gas.

If you're able to fill up without any problems, you can be sure it is your charcoal canister.

Just for those on the fence about spending $150 on something they aren't sure will fix the problem. :)

Also, Mitch, you should rehost these on imgur, not sure if that extension works anymore.