View Full Version : For Sale: 8 Rev F coils + 8 ECS Red Coil Tie downs, brand new

04-07-2011, 07:56 AM
I bought a set of REV F coils with red ECS tie down brackets last week, but cannot use them.
i'm using the FMU intake kit on my RS6, which with my limited hood clearance with the Stern engine mounts, i cannot afford the 1" higher protusion of the REV F coils over the OEM coils (REV E).
ECS is charging me a 15% restocking fee, so if anyone wants them... $210 for all of it?

or $110 for 4 coils + 4 tie downs?

paid $250 plus shipping... rather sell them than give ECS anymore $$$.
Ignition Coil Pack Set - Revision "F" ES#260103
ECS Coil Pack Hold Down Kit - Red ES#1303016