View Full Version : DIY: How to submit your own FAQ/DIY write-up.

07-31-2010, 06:49 PM
There are two methods for submitting/posting your very own FAQ, DIY, or Spec Sheet with us here at Audizine.

We suggest this first method (Option 1) as you will be able to use Audizine's "attachment (http://www.audizine.com/forum/faq.php?faq=vb3_reading_posting#faq_vb3_attachment s)" feature to permanently host the images. This option exists nowhere else on Audizine outside of the Tech Subforum.


STEP 1: Select the proper thread prefix; "FAQ", "DIY", or "Specs".

STEP 2: Enter a concise yet descriptive Title for your article.

STEP 3: If submitting a how-to article, be sure to list any and all tools needed for the job.

STEP 4: List all of the major steps or sections of your article, using as many photos as necessary.

STEP 5: Hit the submit button and wait for your article to be reviewed by a Moderator. If accepted, the article will be approved and moved to public view. You will be able to go back in afterward and make corrections or additions. If the article is not approved, you will be notified by the Moderator explaining why and how you can improve your chances of getting an article published in the future. You can resubmit the article using the suggestions given to you by the Moderator.


If you've already created such an article in a top-level Main Model-Line Forum, then you will need to PM (send a Private Message to) a Moderator within your respective forum section and ask for it to be reviewed and moved or copied to the FAQ/DIY Tech Subforum. Again though, this method is not ideal as the images may not be visible over time.

As always we thank you for your participation, and your desire to share your knowledge with your fellow Audizine members.

The Audizine Admin Team