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02-01-2007, 06:07 AM
K04 Turbo Installation Write Up
The K04 kit comes with everything you need (except tools). Every gasket, nut, bolt and screw that is removed in order to get the K03 off and the K04 on is supplied within the kit. It is not recommended that you drive the car with either the K04 turbo and K03 programs or vice versa. So it is a good idea to have your ECU flashed with the K04 programs prior to installing the K04 by removing the ECU and sending it in to APR (see my ECU Removal Write Up (http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=114129)).

The K04 Install write up assumes that the front of the car is jacked up and the CAI (OEM, Carbonio or other), Cat Converter or Test pipe and both plastic trays (underneath the car) are already removed. Im sure you can find other DIY write ups on how to remove these but if you cant manage to get these simple components off then I do not recommended that you take on the K04 install yourself even though this write up is fairly comprehensive.

Tools / Parts Required
- Torx #55 (Either socket or allan key) The shorter the better as this is used in a very tight spot see step #11.
- Metric in hex socket set and insert bits (5mm -> 10mm)
- 19mm Hose with end plug.
- Assorted sized pliers, multigrips, spanners, screwdrivers, sockets and ratchets.

The K03 Ready To Go - Installation time 4 - 6 hours.
It is a good idea to block the air input and output parts of the K03 with the red plugs that APR supply on the K04. The last thing you need is anything falling into them.

Step #1
Remove heat protection from turbo coolant line by undoing the buttons

Step #2
Undo the clamp and remove hose from rocker cover.

Once separated remove the heat protection from the pipe so it doesnt get in the way.

Step #3
Undo the clap and remove the hose from coolant line that goes into the manifold this is a slight PITA as there very little space. Long pointy pliers will do the trick.

After doing so its important to block the manifold end as later on (step #11) this will stop your coolant from leaking out. I used some left over 19mm hose with plug from the garden sprinkler system.

Step #4
Undo the oil return line located next to the air intake.

Step #5
Above the Manifold we need to remove the metal guard by removing the following screws/bolts

Metal guard removed

Step #6
Underneath the car undo the intercooler hose from the turbo outlet.

Step #7
Now unplug both the DV and other turbo electronic module

And also undo the plastic plug from the bracket in order to move the wires up into the engine bay and out of the way.

Step #8
Remove the metal bracket mount connecting the engine and turbo

Step #9
Remove the oil line from the engine block that runs into the turbo.

Have a rag handy as the oil from the line will leak out. This is a very minimal amount.

Step #10
The oil return line from the turbo to the sump is removed on the turbo end. Not much space to manovour here.

Step #11
Now for the hardest part you need a Torx #55 insert bit to remove this. This is the coolant input line and there is very little space to move around. The reason we remove it from the turbo end and not from the engine block is that we want to minimise the amount of coolant leaking out. More importantly we need to make sure that the manifold end is plugged (see step #3).

At this point we only want to loosen this bolt by removing it coolant will start to trickle out (gush out if step #3 hasent been performed) Loosen the bolt from the top as shown on the first picture below.

Close up.

Follow the line underneath the K03 and you will come across a bracket thats attached to the coolant line remove the two bolts on the bracket.

Step #12
The manifold has 4 nuts on the bottom, these just need to be loosened and not removed as they hold 2 metal plates which wedges the bottom of the turbo manifold to the engine. The top 5 nuts need to be removed.

Now try to get everything out of the way totally undo the bolt that was loosened in step #11 (coolant will start to trickle out) and carefully lift up the K03 and pull it towards yourself of the engine block. Now carefully start to pull it out of the engine without catching it on other pipes / electrical components.

Once its out you need to hang the turbo coolant line (thats trickling) onto one of the manifold bolts this will be high enough so no more coolant will leak out.

Step #13
Now you need to move all the plumbing (2 oil lines, 1 coolant line, 1 vacuum line) and the turbo bracket from the K03 (pictured right) to the K04 (pictured left). Also part of the K04 kit are some insert screws that need to be put onto the K04 (Exhaust end) so you can mount your cat or testpipe.

And thats it, just follow the above steps from 12 -> 1 and you will end up with the finished product.

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a DIY for the k04 oh oh! here i go he he [wrench]

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like the downpipe
good work

07-20-2009, 08:04 PM
i know it is kinda late[:p] but did you buy a kit or is it just the turbo and mani?

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nice work! i need to find myself a k04

11-04-2009, 04:33 AM
Hows it going ive just seen your write up on the k04 turbo installation would you mind telling me where you purchased your turbo as i am strongly thinking of upgrading cheers!....

08-28-2010, 07:04 PM
This DIY should precise that the KO4 in question is the KO3 hybrid (with KO4 internals) made by APR and not a OEM KO4 from the S3 / TTS. The DIY sound like the OEM KO4 from S3 is bolt-on...

09-06-2010, 01:50 AM
The KO4 in question is not a hybrid KO3 it is an actual KO4. however it is not made anymore. The Blue plaque states model number KO4.......... I know, I have the same turbo on my car.

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Erm, can you upload the photos again please?

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