View Full Version : DIY: Valentine 1/Passport Radar Detector Hardwire w/ Remote In-dash Mute Switch

06-24-2008, 04:12 PM
There are many DIYs around the forums, but many many of them neglect to mention one very important step when attempting to hardwire your radar and also mount a remote OEM switch with alert LED in the dash to replace one of the fake buttons...

Since you should use standard RJ11 telephone cord and save your original cord for another vehicle when doing the hardwire (there are 4 wires in these cords and two must be split to go to the dash to power the LED and activate the mute function), you MUST make sure that you cut off the correct end of the telephone cord in order to ensure the correct function of the smartcord... otherwise, no power, no mute, no nothing.

Here's a picture:
The original cord for your passport/V1 is on the far left. Notice the 4 wires and their color scheme. The one on the far right matches it. Keep that one and cut off the end of the one that doesnt match in order to do this DIY correctly [up]

And the dash with the mute button and alert LED mounted next to the hazard button:


Here is an excellent DIY for this project:


It is a veryyy clean and OEM look and i highly recommend this install!

Part numbers for a B7 A4 with Chrome Trimmed buttons and the wires needed (i got mine from vagparts.com (http://www.vagparts.com))

8E0 035 775 D 5PR (x1)
4D0 971 636 B (x1)
000 979 009 (x2)

Along with the radioshack parts mentioned in the DIY, i also added an in-line 5amp fuse to the power line before the tap for extra precaution.

Any questions, feel free to ask with PM.

good luck! [wrench]