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09-16-2009, 01:34 PM
I've finally purchased a laser jammer after 2 tickets in so many weeks. For some reason daily speed traps both to and from work (instead of the usual beginning of the month/end of the month cycle nonsense) were becoming the norm. I felt like I'm being stalked by snipers! They must REALLY be hurting for revenue!

I brought up some independent testing articles when I had tossed the idea around before, trying to find out which one was now the best:


Enter, Laser Interceptor. I contacted the distributor at LI-USA, and he personally answered all my stupid questions about mounting and such, because I didn't want to cut the grill at all on my car. On my wife's A4, they'll fit nicely in between the upper grill slats, next to the headlamps. RS6 (or any honeycomb grill car), not so much! I decided to mount it similar to this M5:


It's rather expensive, so I asked about group buy rates, and it's about 10% less. There is no minimum order number to get the GB rate, but there is a limit of two per person, and I have to be the organizing monkey.

Anyway, be sure to check your local regs (guys of lidar site has a map to see if your state is legal). I know that in CA,VA,SC,TN,IL,MN,OK,CO,& UT they are illegal, according to:


HI uses Laser enclusively, and it's legal, so I'm in luck. I suppose those living somewhere that uses both radar and laser would do well with both this and a decent radar detector in tandem. N.B. that RADAR jammers (as opposed to LASER) are illegal everywhere.

Anyway, here's their website:


Here's the group pricing:

LI Dual Standard: $625 (Retails $700)
LI Dual HP (High Power): $1250 (Retails $1400)

LI Quad Standard: $1075 (Retails $1225)
LI Quad HP (High Power): $2050 (Retails $2450)

The rear units can be purchased/added later for about $450 and can be mounted with their license plate bracket or make your own (like I did).

The QUAD is for front and rear protection an NOT for SUV frontal protection only. The standard LI DUAL will provide more than adequate protection for cars, trucks and SUV's s seen here.... that last video was shot in HI:



If you are interested, PM me your e-mail address, which I'll forward to Cliff (distributor for LI-USA), who will invoice you with the special group buy rate. You then pay LI-USA directly, and they will ship to you immediately, since there is no need to wait for the typical "group buy quota." Also, you won't have to worry about that nonsense that happened w/that recent blinder GB. I'll try to answer any questions that aren't covered by the LI FAQ website, or forward them to someone who can.

I originally posted this on another dedicated RS6 website, so sorry for the cross-post for those that frequently site-jump. I'll post some pix of my wife's A4 once it's set up, but it seems like it would be even more straight-forward.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'm just so fed up with this whole daily speed trap crap that I just had to do something (other than drive 55). I didn't see the Laser Interceptor on any prelim searches of this site, so I thought that I'd share. I had a good car alarm/stereo shop install it for around $200 after I mounted/leveled all the brackets. I have neither the time nor patience to DIY, although I'm sure that you could. It took them 2-3 hours on a Saturday while I shuffled around Honolulu with the wife and kids. No way I can beat that! I'll post some pix of my install very soon.


09-16-2009, 02:09 PM
So here are the brackets for the rear units.

Not much space to work with, so a little fabrication was in order. Started with a template:

I found a galvanized steel trash can at the hardware store for $4.85, so I ran with it. The brackets supplied would need to go above (no space) or below the plate (didn’t like the looks of it). Using them vertically wouldn’t work, since they have to be plum, and my LP is angled.


>Only a single hole was needed, and it was sealed with some sticky waterproof putty material that stereo shops use.>


Overall, it didn’t take that long. Went through about 15 dremel cut-off wheels, though! They are cheap, so who cares? I cut them a little large at first, fitted (plum and level), primed, painted, and mounted them.

Here's the finished product:

From even a slight distance, they totally disappear (I also "veiled" the tailights--didn't veil the plate yet--still waiting for a cover since I don't want to apply it directly to the plate):


They are just a shade darker, not too bad. It was easy to apply, but took a little patience. I'll show the fronts next...

By the way, if anybody wants a copy of the template, just PM me and I'll mail it to you. Might save a little time, if interested.

09-16-2009, 02:23 PM
Sorry about this glut of huge picture files!

Here are the fronts. Ideally, they should be a little higher (up near the the headlights), but I really didn't want to cut the upper grill. I didn't put on the lower grill yet, since I will have to snip out a little "x" for the units to poke through, and I want to make sure I've got good coverage first. If not, they'll get mounted to the upper grill. As the LI distributor, Cliff, told me, "Stealth the car, not the install."

First, I marked off with purple painter's tape where they should go with the least amount of cutting to the grill, and as high/wide as allowable. Then I removed the lower grill. Here it is with the brackets mocked on (they don't appear centered in this image due to parallax, but they are):

The brackets supplied were a little short (maybe an inch), so I picked up some galvinized steel brackets at the hardware store and bolted them to each other (to make positioning easier and so that not as much stress was put on the units themselves). I drilled 2 pilot holes each into the solid aluminum cross bar, and used self-tapping screws:


Here they are mounted:


A little better lighting:


I also "veiled" the headlights, foglights, and side markers (just to match, really). Luckily, not too dark! I had to keep re-brushing the stuff with the supplied sponge applicators as it dried. It would keep beading until it started drying. I thought for sure I would have brush marks and it was gonna look like crap. As it dried/cured (maybe an hour later-all the while intermittently re-brushing), the brush marks disappeared. This stuff is supposed to diminish reflections in the IR spectrum from a primary source (like LIDAR). The guys of lidar tested it and it reduced the "lock-on" distance a little, but it was statistically significant, so it was good enough for me at $90. Since my detectors are a little far from my headlights, I want to maximize my chances and protect my headlights. Anyway, I'm just glad it doesn't look like crap! I'm getting 3M clear film to cover the lights, since the stuff is removed by alcohol or ammonia (washer fluid):


Once I'm satisfied that the position is adequate, I'll cut the grill, put it back on, and take some pix. I've been driving around lately looking for speed traps to test it out (at least see if I get a warning sound) but can't find any--Where did they all go?!? I guess when you really need one, they are never around...

09-16-2009, 11:23 PM
Laser Interceptor USA is being sued by Blinder International. Keep in mind that if anyone purchases a laser jammer from Cliff in this group buy they may NOT get updates in the future if Blinder successfully sues him and puts a cease and desist on his business. The Laser Interceptor lawsuit is in regards to patent infringement and it'll be impossible for 'LI Croatia' to give any sort of upgrade/support on the product if in the event the Blinder attorneys shut down that company in a settlement. Full details on the federal court case is here http://www.laserjammertests.com/blinderpatentlawsuit.htm

Since the federal lawsuit, Anti-Laser, another known laser jammer manufacturer based out of croatia, has also shut down the USA office (http://www.laserjammertests.com/apps/blog/show/1706966-antilaser-usa-hides-from-blinder-international-patent-lawsuit-).

A laser jammer is only as good as the software that runs it. If you can't get updates on the unit it becomes useless. Buyer beware.

09-17-2009, 12:13 AM
OP, please read the Group Buy rules and guidelines (http://www.audizine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109810). This sort of thing is not permitted.