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10-31-2004, 04:34 PM
The Audiworld posting is here:
Door Chimes (http://forums.audiworld.com/a8d3/threads/955.phtml#8596)

Update: It's still being worked on and updated. The following is the text at the time of this original posting and it's a little out of date. See the Audiworld posting for were this is going and some additonal links and info.

Here is a copy of the post I made on Audiworld explainign codeing of module 17 in respect to the country code and seat belt code:

Like the door bell? Today enough was enough and I VAG-COM'ed it away.

This required a little more thought, so lets start with a discussion on module 17 instruments.

In the US the module codeing should be 16233 for NA (A8).

The 16 (first two digits) is for Quattro, and the 6 I'm not sure about. Other models will be coded differently for these first two digits. They are not important for our purposes anyway...

The digits of intrest are the third and forth which repersent the country code, and seat belt code. These should be the same for all models.

The last digit is for the instrument lighting options. 3 in this case is pointer + scale lit.

It is somewhat intresting that the seat belt code is seperate to the countery codeing, but thats Audi for ya.

In a previous post I discussed the codeing of the seat belt -
1=Warning light until engaged
2=US standard 6 chimes
3=A continuoios chime cycle of 8 in 30 seconds.

Note: 3 is not an option on older models. Not sure when this option came in, late 2003 or maybe 2004+ models only. It's not documented as far as I can tell.

As the seat belt chime has it's own value, we don't really have anything else to consider except what option do we prefer. In my case I opted for 2, but more on that later.

Now, for the country code. This post is regarding the door chime, and the type of door chime (or lack of it), is region dependent. Audi felt that in NA, that the population requires a reminder to shut our doors, unlike Europe which does not. Those Europeans are soooooo much smarter.

Since we have to change the region (country code) in order to effect the door chime, we really have to consider what else might be different in the various regions. For example if we decided to recode our vehicles in NA with a region code for Germany (0) which uses metric, our instruments would then move over to the metric system (KM instead of miles).

Canda (3) uses miles, however like NA they also need to be reminded to close there doors, so that is not going to help us.

It turns out that people in the UK (4) are smart and don't need a door chime to remmind them to close there door, also like NA they use miles. A region code of 4 looks like a winner. Lucky for us left hand drive or right hand drive options is covered by a seperate code elsewhere.

My new code therefore reads 16423, where 4 is our new region code (UK) and 2 is our seat belt code (6 chimes).

Now, I have 6 chimes to remind me to engage the seat belt and no door bell. So If I leave the door open with the ignition on no chimes, however I will still get chimed if the seat belt is not engaged.

There's a lot to consider and it's easy to think you have a door chime when in fact you have only the seat belt chime. I like the codeing I have but for you silent types, you may prefer a code like 16403 (UK) no seat belt warning, or 16413 etc.

Play as you like with the seat belt options, but be very careful what country/region code you select. 4 is good for NA as far as I can tell (I've not noticed any unwanted side effects personally), although I highly reccomend you test this for yourself. I may have missed somthing which is not important to me but may be to you.

Finally, if you do decide to recode the region in order to remove the door chime, make sure everyone including yourself who is likley to ever drive the car, has an above average IQ and understands the importanace of closing the door before driving. Use this information at your own risk and don't hurt yourself. A seat belt saves lives, use it, the warning is there for your protection. Think before turning it off.