View Full Version : RS4 B5 Yummy-ness!

09-21-2008, 11:43 AM
So, I'm interested in slapping some RS4 style on my B5; I have an 02 S4 B5 and I want do do RS4 Bumpers (maybe)... I'm not a big fan of the RS4 door sills, they kind of stick out a little much for my taste. It's like paying for you're lady to get a butt and boob augmentation, and then she goes and fattens up her mid-section all by herself so instead of having curves, she now looks portly... I figure I'll get some after market side skirts and have a body shop follow the lines of the wide fenders and flare them out on the ends so they flow.

Any who, I would like to get some opinions on the RS4 Style bumper from Rieger, vs the OEM RS4 bumper. I like them both, however I think the Rieger's is more aggressive. Anyone care to share their opinions?

Next is the rear bumper. I love the one I have seen on the avant however I have seen a few so called RS4 conversions where it appears to be a euro rear bumper and not the avant fitted to the sedan, as it is missing that super secksi slit on the bottom. Does anyone know where they sell the RS4 bumpers w/ the slit? I can't seem to locate one. There is a place on ebay; some dude in germany who replicates all kinds of awesome stuff for audi in fiberglass, carbonfiber, and even kevlar; his feedback is damn near perfect too. Problem is, it's ebay. (nuff said)

I think the Rieger RS4 bumper widened out to fit RS4 1/4's would look tits, but I can't seem to choose between OEM RS4 vs Rieger RS4. The rear will 110% be oem RS4... It's just too secksi not to.

09-21-2008, 07:07 PM
OEM would get my vote.

10-08-2008, 05:21 AM
OEM would get my vote.

+1 [:D]