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09-09-2008, 06:40 PM
This is my Q7 review.

Over the weekend I attended the Audi Driving Experience. I was able to rip around in the new A4 and it was eh. There was an option to drive other cars in the Audi lineup and I first chose the 4.2L A6, and it drove just like a heavy Audi with understeer, but it was fun. I next chose to drive the 4.2L Q7. After the first few corners on the track I was amazed. I really started pushing the Q7 harder and harder and I was holding much tighter lines than the driver in the A6 in front of me. After every lap I was more and more blown away with how this thing handled! And can I mention that the sound of the 4.2L was addictive! This particular Q7 was the premium package with the Adaptive Air Suspension. After that test drive, I was sold! So for those of you that have one I am jealous. I envy you Q7 owners!

I am going to start looking for one next summer.

I read a thread on here about the weak A/C, well in the one I drove I had to turn the A/C down it was so cold. So I guess Audi fixed that problem.