View Full Version : DIY: B5 A4/S4 - Front Bumper Removal (w/ snub mount install)

04-15-2008, 08:17 AM
I did a search this past week on this topic and can barely find an actually good write-up. There was one but with no pics. So thanks to goapr.com, here is your front bumper removal guidelines. Follow steps 1 through 9 and you'll be fine


Here is the write-up from one of our members, don't remember his name but he deserves the credit.

1. Take off front bumper.

a. Jack car up and put on jack stands. ( I removed both front wheels to have easier access to wheel well liner).

b. Remove underbelly tray by removing screws both near front bumper and towards rear

c. Remove bottom front 3 screws holding wheel well liner towards front of car from both sides. Only the bottom one is absolutely necessary, but it made things easier for us.

d. Pull out fog light grill by pulling straight out. Toughest clip for us was the ones in the top.

e. Remove bumper retaining bolt located on the bottom inside where the grill was pulled out from. (should be next to fog light) It’s a long bolt so you will be there a while.

f. Remove weather stripping from front of car.

g. Here is where it got tricky for us. You are supposed to push in firmly on the bumper from one corner, push down on the edge by the fender well then pull away to unclip the bumper. It was very difficult so we used a long screw driver to help pry the clip from the inside of the fender well, made things A LOT easier. We only did the first one, after that the other 2 (one more on top and one in bottom) came off easy.

h. After doing both sides pull bumper straight back about ½ foot to get access to washer fluid hose by the driver side lamp. Unhook it from the body and it will drain all fluid off.

i. Unplug fog lights.

j. Pull off bumper and put it to the side.


r. Hold the front bumper about ½ a foot away from the front of the car.
s. Reconnect fog lights and washer fluid (make sure to clip back the fluid hose).
t. Re-clip the bumper back on.
u. Bolt down bumper next to fog lights. Clip the fog light grill back on.
v. Screw down the fender liner back and bottom tray.
w. Re-attach weather striping

7. Crank the car up