View Full Version : part# for 1999 a6 wagon is strange

01-23-2008, 04:23 PM

I have 1999 a6 wagon which has broken both side mirrors.
The part# for both mirrors are 4B0 857 535(dirver side) and 4B0 857 536(passaneger side).

I was trying to get both mirrors and most knowledgable person here recommanded that I should get b5 mirror becase b5 and c5 mirrors are compatible.

But mirrors I got are not correnct one for my car.
The new mirros has very small size difference with my broken mirrors.

The new mirros have part# as below
8D0 857 535(driver)
8D0 857 536(passanger)

I tried to find correct mirrors that has part# 4B0 857 535(dirver side) and 4B0 857 536(passaneger side) but I could not. Few site was linked with those part# but actually they don't have.

Why does my mirrors has rare part# while most people are insisting 1999 a6 wagon should have same mirror and part# to a4 and s4?
I don't even hear different answer from local audi delar.

Would you guide me to find a correct mirrors for my 99 a6 wagon.
They are sitting out there without mirrors for a month.

Thank you in advance for your help.