View Full Version : RNS-E, Motorola Q, EVDO, and Slingbox

12-05-2006, 03:37 PM
First time poster, long time observer of these forums. I have to say that the information in these forums have been truly invaluable to this new 2005 Audi S4 B6 Silver Cabriolet owner

No modifications yet but I know the first one will be a RNS-E unit with bluetooth for my Motorola Q which I absolutely love (previous Samsung i730 owner but too much computing power not enough phone functionality for me).

Anyways one of the advantages of the Motorola Q is the ability to stream satellite TV, live broadcasts, and DVR recordings from home by way of slingbox and EVDO connection.

Wouldn't it be nice to connect the Motorola Q to the multimedia adapter (Dietz 1417 I believe) for the RNS-E so you could view above mentioned content on the navigation screen. It seems that all you would need is a 5 pin mini usb to RCA cable to interface the motorola Q with its EVDO and the RNS-E by way of the Dietz 1417

Have not found any posts on this so I thought i might ask the experts. Would love to watch my direct tv shows especially premiership soccer on my navigation unit while I am waiting on my daughters to get in the car after practice

Any takers for this proposition