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  1. 17Z/18Z Mounting Hardware
  2. 2.0Tfsi Limited edition Billet Valve Cover and 42DD Ultimate Catch Can - No Longer Available
  3. B7 A4 Trunk Lid - No Longer Available
  4. Audi A4 B7 Front bumper (S-line) + front grill + fog grills + Cupra lip ($500) - No Longer Available
  5. Borg Warner Audi OEM Turbocharger #53039880106 - No Longer Available
  6. FS: B7 Part Out (DHT skirts, S4 mirrors, Stasis Exhaust, Carbonio Intake & More) - No Longer Available
  7. Evolution Racing Front Mount Intercooler Kit - B7 2.0T FSI - No Longer Available
  8. clutchmasters single mass steel billet flywheel (18k miles) - No Longer Available
  9. Wanted: WTB s-line or DTM front bumper in quartz gray
  10. Wanted: WTB - Passenger Rear Aluminum Door/Window Trim
  11. Wanted: WTB B7 OEM All Weather Mats
  12. Wanted: WTB: Bi-Xenon Headlights (Ballast & Bulbs Included)
  13. Part Out: Recaro S4 Seats, S4 steering wheel, carbon trim and more...
  14. Wanted: Things I want
  15. Wanted: WTB: Oil filter cup/housing
  16. Wanted: WTB: BB Driver Side Headlight Washer Cover
  17. Wanted: Manual shifter trim, front ashtray cover and rear ashtray in fishscale aluminium
  18. Wanted: S-Line Grille and B7 Passenger Seat Airbag Sensor
  19. b7 platinum door cards - No Longer Available
  20. platinum arm rest
  21. Wanted: WTB CAI..NO Carbonos
  22. New OEM Updated Intake Manifold Runner Motor - SOLD
  23. Wanted: Wanted: Stasis Full Exhaust. 6 Speed
  24. Wanted: Wanted: Broken DV
  25. Wanted: B7 AFS Bi-Xenon Ballats
  26. Wanted: 6 Speed Trans (GVE) Drive shaft & front CV joints
  27. APR Carbonio and more parts - No Longer Available
  28. Wanted: WTB: RSN-E in good condition
  29. Wanted: WTB: OEM Blackout S4 grille
  30. Wanted: Anyone have a nice driver's front slush mat?
  31. Wanted: WTB: 10mm spacers with ball seat bolts 5x112
  32. Wanted: WTB: DTM Rear Bumper dual exhaust -- ANY COLOR
  33. Wanted: OEM S-Line suspension
  34. Wanted: Driver's side brakelight bulb bracket/carrier
  35. Audi A4 Avant B7 OEM Tail Lights - No Longer Available
  36. Feeler: Avant Euro Hatch LY7G
  37. Smoked b7 avant tail lights (painted by body shop) - No Longer Available
  38. Wanted: WTB S-Line Filler Plate or RS4 Grill
  39. Wanted: RS4 Front Grille
  40. Wanted: WTB: S-line filler plate
  41. Wanted: Roof rack for 08 A4 sedan
  42. Wanted: WTB: auto tech or kmd HPFP internals and RS4 injectors
  43. Wanted: WTB: Storage Compartment Insert
  44. Feeler: Thule Roof Rack
  45. Wanted: Passenger Side Headlight Lens
  46. Wanted: All 4 puddle lights
  47. 2008 audi a4 s line b7 part out - No Longer Available
  48. Wanted: wanted: JHM Y-Downpipe for Automatic tranny
  49. Wanted: WTB: Catch Can Setup
  50. Wanted: WTB: Coilovers or lowering springs
  51. Wanted: WTB: S Line rear valence, any color.
  52. Wanted: Wanted: Any Sline grille
  53. Wanted: Both bumper cover brackets
  54. Wanted: a4 sport shocks
  55. Wanted: S-Line Perforated Wheel and Knob (Manual)
  56. Wanted: AWE Intercooler
  57. Grey b7 a4 tiptronic steering wheel with airbag - No Longer Available
  58. Feeler: OEM Bi-Xenons, Magnaflow Exhaust, JOM LED Tail Lights, OZ Wheels+Tires, more TBA
  59. Wanted: WTB coilovers
  60. Wanted: 2.0t FSI Oil Pump
  61. Wanted: Looking for Thule Aeroblade roof rack, need ASAP
  62. Wanted: Looking For A4 B7 Boost Gauge
  63. B7 A4 Black Headlight Housings - No Longer Available
  64. Wanted: WTT: Flat Bottom Steering Wheel, Multi-function w/ Paddles for one Without Padlles
  65. Wanted: Cat-Back Exhaust
  66. Motors and motor parts and a turbo - No Longer Available
  67. Wanted: Looking for Audi Hyper Silver peeler
  68. Wanted: H&R Springs
  69. Part Out: Milltek exhaust/ 034 HFC
  70. Feeler: Feeler: black b8 non s line seats
  71. Wanted: Ballast for adaptive Bixenon
  72. Wanted: Manual trans crossmember
  73. Part Out: big turbo part out - gtx2867
  74. Wanted: WTB halogen headlight set
  75. Wanted: Looking for powerfolding mirrors
  76. Wanted: stock k03 or upgrade to k04 turbo
  77. Wanted: S Line door blades
  78. FS: Various items - stock airbox, sedan trunk, door blades, etc
  79. Wanted: Rear Lower Rubber Spring Pad/Plate
  80. Wanted: driver side steerig knuckle
  81. Wanted: Non sline filler plate
  82. Wanted: WTB: B7 black rear mirror - autodim and compass
  83. Feeler: *feeler* 2008 a4 avant titanium package/quattro/manual
  84. StopTech Stainless Steel Brake Lines - No Longer Available
  85. Wanted: WTB B7 Titanium package rim
  86. Wanted: Different wheels
  87. Wanted: WTB: Britalman exhaust
  88. Audi B7 S4 Trunk lid
  89. Audi B7 S4 rear bumper
  90. Wanted: B7 Front end parts (IC, rad support, bumper, hood....)
  91. Wanted: Quattro Dash Badge / Emblem
  92. Feeler: Audi S4 Front Anti Rattle Caliper Spring Pair 8E0 615 269
  93. Wanted: Brilliant black hood
  94. Part Out: Stage 3 B7 Part Out
  95. Wanted: WTB Avant Roof Rack/Cross Bars
  96. Wanted: WTB Driver side tan sun visor
  97. Wanted: Front or Rear Ashtray Needed
  98. RS4 lpfp controller - No Longer Available
  99. Wanted: Front Left Fender Quartz Grey Metallic (LY7G)
  100. Wanted: WANTED Turbo for B7 2.0 , K04 or what do you have?
  101. Wanted: 034 HFC
  102. Wanted: OEM Non-S Line Quartz Grey door blades
  103. Part Out: Part out . Fully built , big turbo
  104. Wanted: HFC (High Flow Cat) for B7 A4 2.0T
  105. Wanted: OEM A4 S-line/non s-line door blades
  106. Wanted: B7 Avant Hatch Lock Wanted
  107. Wanted: 2.0t knock sensor pigtail
  108. Wanted: WTB: B7 A4 Avant 6MT
  109. Wanted: Ballasts and Bulbs for xenon headlights
  110. Wanted: WTB: B7 A4 Avant Roof Rack
  111. A4 B6 Grey autodimming and compas mirror
  112. Wanted: WTB : Drivers side window controls, Side Piece of Armrest
  113. FS: BRAND NEW OEM Audi S6 LED Daytime Running Lights
  114. Wanted: B7 A4 2.0 KO3 turbo
  115. Ie rods, oem rings, oem bearings, and flex hone
  116. Wanted: B7 A4 BBK or RS4 OEM BBK
  117. Wanted: WTB:Passenger side mirror(Light Silver)
  118. Wanted: Black All Weather Mats, Battery Cover
  119. Wanted: A Lot of PARTS for my STOCK Ibis White Titanium
  120. Wanted: Non s line filler plate
  121. 2.0T FSI Timing Chain Cover - No Longer Available
  122. Remaining Parts From The Ol' B7 - No Longer Available
  123. Wanted: Fog light grill passenger side S-LINE
  124. Wanted: Antenna Amplifier 8E5035225P
  125. Wanted: Steering Wheel Paddle or 4 Spoke Steering Wheel w/paddle
  126. Wanted: wtb trunk licence plate mount and ash tray insert
  127. 2008 audi a4 s-line **need gone** - No Longer Available
  128. Wanted: 18" Avus Center Caps
  129. Autodim & Compass mirror grey
  130. Wanted: WTB: Black B7 Rear Headrests
  131. Wanted: 034 hfc, performance goodies
  132. Wanted: WTB: Adjustable upper control arms
  133. Wanted: Drivers Side Mirror/Glass (Black) Heated/Auto-Dim
  134. Wanted: Clear Side markers
  135. s4 front brake kit - No Longer Available
  136. Heating elements A4 B7
  137. Auto headlight switch
  138. Wanted: WTB: Sline/RS4 Grill Trim
  139. 2.0t HPFP - No Longer Available
  140. Non sline sport suspension
  141. Complete Spindles - No Longer Available
  142. B7 RS4 Rear Brake Kit
  143. Auto-dimming & Compass mirror Black - No Longer Available
  144. Feeler: FrankenTurbo F23L Turbo and Manual Boost Controller, Brand New
  145. Wanted: brushed aluminum trim
  146. Wanted: WTB: coilovers for my avant
  147. Wanted: W/M Checkvalve
  148. BSH pcv plate - No Longer Available
  149. Wanted: RNSE Face-plate
  150. APR HPFP 2.0T Stage 2+ - No Longer Available
  151. Wanted: WANTED: Parts for B7 A4 Avant
  152. NEW Tein Lowering Springs - No Longer Available
  153. Wanted: Pass side intercooler and air duct
  154. FS: Forge 2.0t Diverter Valve
  155. Wanted: WTB or trade wheel spacers
  156. Wanted: S-line/S4 grille
  157. Wanted: FSI Alternator Regulator
  158. Part Out: B7 A4 TI Oem wheels
  159. WTB: B7 Avant roof rack
  160. Wanted: WTB Monster weather mat
  161. FISCON Basic plus
  162. OEM lower control arm used
  163. 2008 Audi A4 S-Line Avant - Ti Package - Price Drop! - No Longer Available
  164. Brand New Turbo Install Kit NEVER OPENED - No Longer Available
  165. Stock Audi A4 Low Flow Catalytic Converter - No Longer Available
  166. Wanted: Pass. Fender liner, s-line grills & bumper
  167. Wanted: Audi Brake Sensor Connector - CAR SIDE
  168. Wanted: Wanted: b7 2.0 low pressure lower a/c line.
  169. OEM S4/5 BBK for B6/7 A4 - Price Drop! - No Longer Available
  170. Wanted: awe quad exhaust and fmic
  171. B6/B7 oCarbon Mirror Caps
  172. 2.7t engine + 01E 6spd - No Longer Available
  173. B7 A4 Part Out/Feeler
  174. Parting: 2007 A4 2.0T Auto - No Longer Available
  175. Stock Airbox + Frankenturbo F23L Turbo + Other B7 A4 Parts - No Longer Available
  176. Wanted: RNS-E in perfect condition
  177. Wanted: Looking for S line door blades or S4 door blades Brilliant Black
  178. 2007 Audi A4 2.0T 6MT - Ibis White - No Longer Available
  179. Wanted: Wtb b7 a4 side mirror glass set power heated anti dazzle
  180. Feeler: Stage 3 B7 A4 DTM Part-Out
  181. B7 OE Tail Lights - Sedan - No Longer Available
  182. 2006 a4 s line part out - No Longer Available
  183. Wanted: Rear upper spring mount
  184. Wanted: Front Bumper Cover
  185. Audi S$ OEM DTM Carbon Fiber Lip - No Longer Available
  186. Audi S4 DTM Rear Bumper - No Longer Available
  187. APR HPFP For stage 2+ - No Longer Available
  188. Like New Three-Spoke B7 MFSW and Shifter Full Perforated Leather
  189. OEM B7 S4 cat-back exhaust - No Longer Available
  190. WTB: Need drivers window masterswitch
  191. Wanted: B7 A4 4 cylinder engine manual
  192. For Sale: B7 A4 2.0T BWT Stock Short Block - Ready to be built $400
  193. For Sale: B6 sport wheels 17x7.5 ET45
  194. 2005.5 Silver B7 A4 Quattro 6MT GT28R - $12k OBO
  195. For Sale: 2006 a4 2.0t quattro triptronic parting out
  196. *B7 A4/S4/RS4 Adaptive Bi-Xenon Headlights* - No Longer Available
  197. For Sale: For sale 2006 b7 audi a4 avant rear bumper cover $100 nyc
  198. For Sale: Front Upper control arms
  199. For Sale: Stock OEM Halogen head lights and tail lights
  200. Front Upper control arms
  201. Wanted: WTB: B7 Avant passenger side tail light bulb tray and plug
  202. Wanted: Center Console storage insert
  203. Upper Control Arm Kit Density Line, 034 Motorsports - No Longer Available
  204. WTB: WTB: Passenger side B7 OEM Halogen Headlight
  205. Wanted: Lowering suspension of some sort!!
  206. For Sale: 2.0L cam chain tensionner TOOL kit
  207. For Sale: Stern upper adjustable control arms - $300
  208. For Sale: 2007 B7 A4 Avant, 2.0T, 6MT, STASiS, 52.4K MI
  209. Wanted: WTB: Mass air flow 06F 906 461A
  210. Wanted: Rns-e updated disk
  211. For Sale: Recaro's from a B7 RS4 in Nappa Black
  212. For Sale: clutchmasters single mass steel flywheel
  213. Tinted tail lights from B7 - No Longer Available
  214. Wanted: 17" wheel center caps
  215. Wanted: WTB Driver Side Rear Tail Lamp
  216. For Sale: b7 s4 panda recaros
  217. For Sale: RPF-1's 18x9 et35 w/ nitto nt01 245/40 on em
  218. B6 B7 Solo Werks Coilovers FWD CVT (New Price!) - No Longer Available
  219. Eurodyne Maestro 7 - No Longer Available
  220. 2.0 TFSI cam chain cover + oil rings - SOLD
  221. 2008 A4 Owner's Manual Pack for U.S. Saloon/Avant - SOLD
  222. For Sale: Factory Catalytic Converter for 2.0T Tiptronic A/T B7
  223. AVIC x940bt w. complete Enfig setup *Price Drop* - SOLD
  224. 2007 Audi A4 (B7)
  225. WTB: WTB: Ross-Tech VAG-COM for 06 A4
  226. RS4 Rear Sway Bar - SOLD
  227. Retrofit headlights
  228. B7 A4 Stock Catalytic Converter - SOLD
  229. 17" Wheels and Tires
  230. B7 A4 Catch Can Kit: CTS Turbo - SOLD
  231. B7 OEM Halogen Headlights - SOLD
  232. B7 A4 S-line Rear Bumper - Brilliant Black, great condition
  233. 25quattro rear bumper
  234. WTB: WTB APR Carbonio intake
  235. B6/B7 S4 Front Caliper Carriers - No Longer Available
  236. Windishield wiper stalk 4E0953503B
  237. S-line rear bumper, Brilliant Black
  238. Brand New 034 Motorsport Manual Transmission Mount - SOLD
  239. BRAND NEW (mint condition) Audi Single Podi unit, fits: - Audi B6 A4 (2002-2005) - Audi B7 A4 (2005.5-2008)
  240. APR Carbino Intake for B7 A4 2.0T
  241. B7 A4 2.0T 034 Motorspor Catch Can Kit **BNIB** - SOLD
  242. 034 Motorsports Street Density Transmission Mount (6-Speed/CVT B6/B7 A4/S4/RS4) - SOLD
  243. Removed By Admin
  244. OEM Catalytic Converter
  245. S-line Stock suspension 65K
  246. Removed By Admin
  247. OEM B7 Bixenon AFS Headlights
  248. B7 NEW OEM Eurospec Adaptive HID Headlights
  249. RNS-E From a 2006 B7 Audi A4 525$ OBO - No Longer Available
  250. B7 A4/S4/RS4 Adaptive Bi Xenon Headlights - Right & Left