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  1. Carbon Fiber Parts
  2. Alignment numbers
  3. Random hesitation/bucking
  4. CEL after carbon cleaning
  5. Cat Pipe replacement/exhaust upgrade
  6. ECU part number variance help
  7. RS5 spark plug/oil change check. CR-15, check. ECS billet housing cover, er no.
  8. RS5 Brake service
  9. Any significant noise loud gain with test pipe?
  10. Sound when accelerating with steering wheel turned all the way to the left or right
  11. Part number
  12. S5 coolant in oil
  13. RS5 rear end movement under cornering load
  14. Fuel Problem 2010 S5 4.2 B8
  15. Spacers on stock ride height...?
  16. Replacing plugs and coils...?
  17. Rear diff leaking at CV cups...?
  18. RS5 carbon cleaning DIY
  19. Got a quote for walnut shell blasting...
  20. B8 S5 N/A Dyno
  21. Has anyone fit RS5 OEM downpipes on an S5 4.2
  22. RS5 Break Pads
  23. 2009 Audi S5 Tiptronic Valvebody
  24. 2014 RS5 Upgraded - AR
  25. Swapping an RS5 4.2 into an S5?
  26. Mechatronic Valve body 09 S5 4.2L
  27. Big Brake Kits
  28. Car acting a fool after carbon cleaning
  29. 4.0T Swap
  30. Sudden drop in fuel economy
  31. 2011 Audi S5 (automatic) iving me a bit of trouble
  32. 6MT has eaten a bearing?
  33. Powder Coating Brakes
  34. Is my head gasket going out?
  35. JHM B8 RS5 2.75" Valved Cat-Back Exhaust Teaser
  36. Service Campaign for Catalyst (Emissions Recall)
  37. Bielstein or KW?
  38. RS5 Exaust extension pipes
  39. Manual swap from automatic
  40. APR Valve Spring System in a 4.0T engine
  41. in the market for an s5 v8
  42. Cyl 4/ Random Misfire
  43. Car Cover Recommendations?
  44. B&O horrible noises coming from rear speakers only HELP!
  45. Quartz grey S5 owners
  46. 4.2 Hesitating
  47. High flow cats?
  48. Coolant leak by intake manifold
  49. Glut Orange RS5 at Audi Beaverton
  50. Need a RS5 trunk (Suzuka)
  51. Fluid for use in clutch slave cylinder
  52. Tail wagging under hard braking
  53. Door sensor not locking properly
  54. Vacuum leak - common issue for 4.2 V8 engine?
  55. RS5 Transmission malfunction
  56. AMD is planning for an RS5 supercharger kit.
  57. Anyone here have deautoled foglights ?
  58. 2011 S5 4.2L - 55K Service
  59. RS5 active/valved exhaust operation
  60. Serpentine Belt Jumped off
  61. Dash Warning Lights On
  62. To the people that owns the JHM supercharger for b8 s5
  63. Emergency brake Button question RS5 guys
  64. RS5 carbon clean covered under warranty?
  65. Help me choose an exhaust!
  66. Oil Catch Can
  67. c6 z06 for 2013 rs5?
  68. Cobalt Friction Racing Front Brake Pads Now Available for B8.5 RS5 at 034Motorsport!
  69. B8 S5 Tiptronic enjoyable?
  70. RS5 brake cooling upgrade
  71. Flat or Matte White RS5 - Ibis White?
  72. coolant flush
  73. S-Tronic Gearbox (RS5)
  74. Any other way to get RS5 breather tubes off?
  75. 2014 RHD RS5 Coupe DRC shock absorbers
  76. Extremely Confusing S5 Problems
  77. S5 Tiptronic folks - who has the most updated TCU software version?
  78. oil catch can for a 2015 Audi s5??
  79. Optional wheel and tire sizes for RS5
  80. Boiling coolant, desk temp 90def, no radiator fan switched on
  81. S5 front bumper to RS5
  82. Question on mods for Ss.5 4.2...
  83. Motul 8100 XCess vs Specific
  84. Manual vs automatic ecu fuses help
  85. KW DRC delete installed, still CEL
  86. Might be jumping back into an Audi... What's the reliability been like for the RS5's?
  87. Brighter D1s/2s/3s Xenon Bulbs | Front Turns | Error Free Reverse LEDs
  88. '14 RS5 - Lowering Set up
  89. I found a shortcut to carbon clean an APR-supercharged S5, RS4, or R8 in just 2.5 hrs
  90. Possible move to RS%
  91. Flat bottom steering wheel
  92. Do RS5 wavy rotors fit pre-facelift car?
  93. RS5ís with 50k+ miles...
  94. Help P0599 Thermostat CEL 2015 RS5
  95. Factory Service Manual
  96. RS5 Coupe retractable spoiler retrofitted on cabriolet
  97. 20x11 rear
  98. CEL code/Questions
  99. Exhaust valves sticking
  100. 2010 S5 face lift.
  101. 6 month hiatus.... Iím back!
  102. Please help me with this noise
  103. Custom FI Tunes
  104. RS5 V8 owners Any experience with Ďtunesí from ECU Tuning Group?
  105. Audi RS5 engine fault codes
  106. Introduction
  107. B8 RS5 DSG Flash & TCU Updates
  108. Lowered on KW HAS kit
  109. Tires, RS5, lighter weight or latest offering?
  110. Enjoy 10% Off Anything JHM! Father's Day Weekend Only! Ends 6/17
  111. JHM test pipe B8 S5 4.2 V8
  112. Question about downpipes
  113. Audi S5 cooling
  114. Audi s5 v8 mods
  115. Steering Lock malfunction. Warning. RS5
  116. S-tronic oil fill plug?
  117. Which wears faster, front or rear tires?
  118. Who makes a carbon fiber rear diffuser for the B8 RS5?
  119. Carbon Fiber Intake RS5
  120. 2015 RS5 K&N air filter
  121. Intakes: AWE Carbon S-FLO vs APR Carbon vs 034 Hose
  122. B8 S5 V8 OEM Cats Wanted
  123. Diminished Value after collision
  124. (Rs5) s tronic and sport diff oil specifications
  125. The APR Open Carbon Fiber Intake System is Here!
  126. Rs5 rotor experiences (looking to replace)
  127. Now Available: JHM Audi B8 RS5 4.2L 2.75" Valved Cat-Back Exhaust System
  128. APR S01 Forged Wheels Now Available!
  129. Engine temp...what the hell
  130. From cold start misfire to permanent misfire (VCDS scan Included)
  131. Seeking Advice on Wheels
  132. Seeking Wheel Advice
  133. RS5: What exhaust to get?
  134. RS5 Driving Modes - Sport + Dynamic + Paddles
  135. RS5 DL501 S-tronic transmission improvements
  136. RS 5 track experiences
  137. B8 S5 4.2L AWE touring exhaust to subtle, cut out the mufflers?
  138. RS5: What intake to get?
  139. JHM RS5 ECU tune is out?
  140. Audi RS5 - EVAP Emission Contr. Sys - Very Small Leak Detected - P045600 Error Code
  141. Advice needed on low k my13 RS5
  142. What you guys think ?
  143. Carbon Ceramic brake disc replacement
  144. 35k service DIY for the RS5
  145. Considering an 09 s5 coupe with 25k miles, what should I look for during my test driv
  146. Carbon Ceramic brake pad wear indicator (front) RS5
  147. Very confused-Car dash flashing struggled while idling
  148. Coolant leak S5 B8 4.2
  149. Who's running 285/30/20's on their stock wheels?
  150. Completed Facelift - Gap between Grill and Hood
  151. B8.5 To B8 Taillight Retrofit
  152. Cat removal and noise
  153. RS5 Front Lip & Diffuser Pics
  154. 380 Rotors Girodisc vs JHM
  155. Slight knock from rear
  156. Cracked rs5 OEM grill.... need replacement suggestions
  157. Newb Wants An RS5
  158. Wheels Spacers
  159. RS5 Capristo: DIY or shop?
  160. Light weight flywheel options for B8 S5 (JHM vs ECS)
  161. RS5 Headers (GROUP BUY)
  162. 2014 B5 RS5, rear shocks leaking
  163. 2011 S5 4.2 V8 misfiring on Bank 1 only
  164. RS5 header installation
  165. Steering noise
  166. Technical read on the RS5's CFSA 4.2L engine
  167. PES supercharged RS5, interesting photos
  168. Headlight DRL LED not working
  169. Ecu/communication issues
  170. ECS the only Wave Rotor in the game vs OEM?