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  1. St. Louis black S5
  2. Anyone installign JHM B6-S4 longtube headers in Minnesota / Wisconsin area?
  3. Question for the guys in the mid west
  4. fender roller in southeast michigan?
  5. spotted b6 s4 lowered, exhaust 53 near lake cook july 4th/5th 115ish am
  6. Whats the best way to file a dealership complaint to the AOA (Virginia dealership)?
  7. Cincy- Tri State Annual Meet 2011
  8. VAG COM in Bloomington IN
  9. Anyone rallying to Vagkraft in toronto in Aug.?
  10. Anyone close to ZIP 60459? Need favor
  11. will Anyone with ultrasport fog grilles in chicago allow me to test fit?
  12. Private tour of Ken Lingenfelter’s warehouse
  13. Continental Audi of Naperville hosting Autobahn CC track day: August 1st, Full Track
  14. STL S4 or Audi fanatic presence...
  15. STL Area: Parktown Audi + STaSIS
  17. Hey all! Midwest love!
  18. VAG COM help in central IL
  19. Meet Saturday, July 23rd
  20. Cincinnati Area AC Recharge??
  21. Detail guy needed
  22. Know any dealerships willing to give a good price on Audi A5 order?
  23. Pulley Upgrade
  24. Indy Shop Recommendation in Louisville, KY
  25. Recommendations for automotive paint in the greater CLE area
  26. A4 Avant in STL
  27. Looking for alignment shop in chicago
  28. Road America Track Weekend Invitation - 2011
  29. :: EuropaParts.com :: New Staff Member
  30. BB5 LM Interests?
  31. Anyone from Minnesota (Minneapolis)?
  32. Indiana Ticket question
  33. chicago area meet
  34. Anyone in Chicago area have a giac flashloader??
  35. Impromptu Columbus, OH GTG Thurs Aug 4
  36. Anyone In Chicago area had a vag com I can use/borrow (car undriveable)
  37. Shop in Chicagoland that stocks wheel spacers?
  38. STaSIS event at North Shore Audi Aug 6th
  39. A lot of car shows this weekend (08/5~7) Any one going
  40. Anyone in SW Indiana?
  41. Spotted Silver B6 S4 with RS4 reps near Brighton Mi
  42. Midwest Treffen
  43. Free VAG COM help for Audi B8 in Appleton area, WI
  44. The NEXT Columbus, OH GTG!
  45. Gauging interest for chicago RS4 meet
  46. Anyone plan on going to the opening of Senna at the landmark in royal oak on friday?
  47. Chicago Tune Options?
  48. APR BBQ Treffen 2011 - October 8th, 2011
  49. Cruise the Dunes 8/21/2011
  50. VAG COM needed for a few hours! Western Suburbs! Will pay $$$
  52. Woodward Ave this weekend. Holy Sh&t!!
  53. Routine Service: Take it to the Dealer?
  54. anyone have the cam chain tensioner tool i can borrow for a day
  56. Dolphin Gray B6 with RS4 wheels and real european ecodes on 96 west...with a cutie...
  57. VAGCOM Central Wisconsin
  58. Black b6 on 696 East tonight (MSU plate)
  59. Downtown Chicago or nearby suburbs with VAGCOM?
  60. Want to swap my alum trim for wood trim
  61. Anybody have a 16mm triple square I can borrow for the weekend?
  62. Supercar Saturdays
  63. independent repair shops metro detroit
  64. Interest in Co-Op / Self - Serve Garage
  65. Midwest VolksFest 6
  66. Michigan Octoberfest
  67. Looking for a room for rent in Chicagoland
  68. Elk Grove
  69. Timing Belt
  70. rs4 build
  71. Vag-Com in Western Chicago Suburbs?
  72. Reputable shop in Chicago
  73. Cleveland thread?
  74. Vag - Com Directory
  75. HighLine Auto Detailing
  76. Looking for some VAG help - SE MI - B6 A4
  77. Wake Up and Refresh! Indiana Audi club GTG, Sept. 25
  78. Michigan Fall Meet&Cruise October 14-16 M-119 "The Tunnel of Trees"
  79. need a mechanic
  80. naperville/aurora area gtg?
  81. Ohio Radar/Laser Use
  82. Atmosphere concert
  83. APR Exhaust in St Louis
  84. Anyone around the Chicago area have a dealer contact? Need a price for a 2012 A6
  85. SW chicago suburbs
  86. Anyone around the LaCrosse Area? Need Help!
  87. Vagcom
  88. Anyone in KC with VAG COM
  89. South East Michigan Dyno Day..Who's interested?
  90. Fox and the hound :D
  91. chicago oktoberfest
  92. ACCC fall cruise from today
  93. MN Audi people!
  94. New owner
  95. Help in Chicagoland
  96. Tilted Kilt saturdays(Schaumburg)
  97. B5 s4
  98. Dipstick funnel today In chicago Suburbs
  99. does anyone know anybody/anyplace that does this.
  100. New to Chicago and Audis
  101. Fall Dyno Day on Saturday, November 12th
  102. For Sale: OEM Audi Valeo E Code European B5 Headlights Xenon Ready
  103. Northern Indiana/South West Michigan thread
  104. Where in Chicagoland = Cheapest B7 A4 Timing Belt work?
  105. Chicagoland people
  106. anyone have a wrench for st coilovers? chicago to kenosha area
  107. Chicagoland B7 S4 Avant looking for a knowledgable shop/mechanic.
  108. Whos in the Green Bay/Fox Cities area ?
  109. Emission Test in IL
  110. custom exhaust shops in chicagoland?
  111. anyone wanna trade rims
  112. APR dealer in Chicago
  113. Spotted B6 Silver S4 avant with Rotiform wheels / exhaust
  114. Is there still a Friday Hooters (schaumburg) meet?
  115. New A4 owner and new to the forum
  116. Stretch Your Legs Numero 5! Brought to you by Zero Clearance
  117. :: ECS Tuning :: Audi Product Specialist Position Available
  118. B6 S4 Snub Mount
  119. My apartments garage spring exploded! Scratched Spring Blue. I need IL body shop recs
  120. wanted - audi mechanic in milwaukee area
  121. 2012 Midwest Track Schedule - MVP Track Time
  122. Title transfer -Chicago-
  123. Anyone near LaCrosse with VagCom?
  124. Anyone with a VAG-COM in Chicago...
  125. Paint Shops in the Chicago NW Suburbs?
  126. trans shops in chicago area??
  127. Any shops around here to straighten wheels?
  128. I have a VAG vcds in OH/KY/WV area - Ashland, KY, Huntington WV, Portsmouth OH....
  129. Wanted: 2 MOMO Strike wheels 19 x 8, 5 x 112 bolt pattern
  130. Looking for 2 Momo Strike Wheels 19 x 8, 5 x 112 for b6 a4
  131. Escort radar detector 8500 X50 - red display
  132. Seafoam Cylinder Misfire
  133. Who knows teckjoel1320
  134. Euro Hanger, June 30th 2012
  135. someone should pick this up..
  136. FS: bbs lm reps with tires
  137. Hello Midwest!
  138. any shops in des moines?
  139. Missouri?
  140. Anyone in Wisconsin Parting out a B7 A4? (I'm in West Bend)
  141. netmofo galleto experience? ecu bin files?
  142. International Motorcycle Show Chicago
  143. looking for good mechanic in ann arbor, MI
  144. McHenry Shop
  145. Set up a GTG
  146. RallyX near Des Moines
  147. Chicagoland Peeps
  148. Ice Racing in Chicago area?
  149. who got stuck in traffic yesterday ?
  150. Feeler: Southern Indiana Rally
  151. Possible Bloomington Indiana S4 purchase tomorrow-need shop to check it out!
  152. :: ECS Tuning :: We're Hiring!!!
  153. Chicago Area! I need some 235/35/19 Tires!
  154. Saturday Meets
  155. indiana guys?
  156. Paint & body work in the Twin Cities, MN area?
  157. Down a tire - Reaching out to the Regionals for some Audizine help
  158. Ticket question...do i get a lawyer?
  159. Official Spotted In StL Thread
  160. Anybody in Wisconsin have Stasis SS coilovers?
  161. anyone in the chicago/naperville area have an assortment of wheel spacers?
  162. Anyone ever gone to the auto show on opening day?
  163. just to make things clear
  164. College of DuPage Audi's thread
  165. Vast Clutch Replacemnt @ E-AutoWerks !!!!
  166. Stretch Your Legs VI! Presented by Zero Clearance
  167. If anyone needs snow tires
  168. Vag Com services in Akron, OH
  169. Halogen to Bixenon conversion help in chicago
  170. South East Michigan Dyno Day(s) at Speed Industry
  171. whats going on? anyone have plans for the coming months?
  172. Wheels needing to be refinished, shop suggestions...
  173. Michiana VW/Audi Club - March Meet 03/10-12 10am-2pm Mishawaka, IN
  174. Possible new IL transplant... with questions
  175. Dyno tuning in midwest area?
  176. Tuesday meet
  177. Cincinnati clutch install???
  178. Benchmark Tuning Dyno Day. (pics/vid)
  179. German Auto Pros
  180. Who can stretch and mount my tires? I Chicago Area
  181. Anyone Able?
  182. Official Spotted Thread in IA
  183. Alignment in Chicago Area?
  184. Indianapolis Cars and coffee
  185. Need help at montrose harbor!!!
  186. Savage Motorsport - Revo Dealer - New Richmond, Ohio
  187. Anybody in the Cleveland area willing to take a look at a car in Bedford for me?
  188. In need of a fpr asap
  189. Cincinnati vs Columbus
  190. Anyone in the Columbus Ohio willing to rent his VAG COM
  191. laser cut keys in naperville/chicagoland?
  192. Official Indiana Thread!
  193. Anyone in the Cleveland area??
  194. Need Help in SE Kentucky
  195. Midwest SOWO 2012 Caravan!
  196. Anyone in Sioux Falls, SD or close by????????
  197. mn c and c exit session video
  198. German Marques
  199. Best/Cheapest Place to get tires around Chicago
  200. Help with VAG-COM
  201. New job position for lead Technician at Dubwerx in Cincinnati!
  202. Midwest Treffen 16 - August 10-12, 2012
  203. Quattro De Mayo 2012 - Caravan May 3rd - 6th
  204. Another Level 2012
  205. FS: 2007 Audi A4TQ S Line Titanium under 20K miles
  206. Indy Audi Meet - Tuesday May 1, 2012
  207. Omaha Euro Drivers?
  208. Good Independent Mechanic in NW Chicago?
  209. ALL EURO MEET!! June 2nd, 2012 12pm-5pm...Kalamazoo, Mi-Shaekspeare's Pub
  210. Motorstadt 9
  211. Professional touch-up service in Chicago land area.
  212. FS B6 a4 audi parts and misc shit
  213. Blackhawk Farms vs Road America Track Events
  214. Looking for a part near Chicago/Dekalb
  215. Unofficial Official Xceedspeed spring BBQ, June 9th.
  216. thank you adam (madaudi)
  217. my old S4 for sale in MN!
  218. Detroit Metro VAG-COM ?
  219. Any Audis in Ohio/KY/WV tristate??? pm me
  220. Where can a noob try out a track in Wisconsin?
  221. lol anyone see this yet?
  222. Anybody in cincinnati area can help me check out an A4 avant at beechmont Audi?
  223. Selling my B5 S4 Avus Wheels OEM + Tires
  224. anybody got VAG COM in stl?? i buy the beer
  225. need some suggestions
  226. Madison WI Area VAG-COM
  227. WTB: avus 17"(b5 s4) 1 wheel only
  228. good detailer around plymouth, michigan
  229. anyone in the chicago area have a cam lock bar?
  230. CAR-B-Q June 10th Kalamazoo, mi
  231. Anyone Near the OKC area?
  232. Midwest Treffen 16 - Chicago Cruise
  233. Shops In Chicagoland for timing belt replacement
  234. Richfield Ohio, June 4th. what was going on?
  235. Anyone with a VAGCOM in Cleveland, OH Area?
  236. Plastidip service in Michigan!
  237. Car Detailers in Cleveland Area
  238. 2012 German AutoBASH - July 14th and 15th
  239. Anyone from chicago who has a RNS-E can help test the dvd map on my unit
  240. Northside Indianapolis Meet
  241. Northside Indianapolis Saturday Am meets
  242. Anyone in the Chicago area capable of tuning for E85?
  243. Anyone in Indiana with Vag-Com
  244. do I need cats in my downpipes to pass WI emissions?
  245. KW Coilover install help.
  246. Trusted repair shops in downtown Chicago
  247. Audifest at Mid-Ohio July 6-8th
  248. vegas
  249. Cincy tri state meet 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!
  250. Pics for Layza...