We here at Audizine are SUPER excited to announce an official partnership with Audi of America! That's right, we've joined forces with THE Audi. They've come to Audizine in order to directly answer and address your questions and concerns right here in the forums. This is the same team at AoA responsible for communicating with owners (and potential owners) via the @Audi Twitter and @Audi Facebook page, and they've chosen Audizine to be their third avenue of social media communication.

This marks a huge milestone for Audizine and is serious validation that we enthusiasts do truly matter to the Audi brand, not to mention that forums in general are still a viable outreach and communication tool. It always amazes me to think back to 2001 when we first started Audizine (you may have heard this one before)...seeing massive social media websites such as Friendster and MySpace come and go. It's been a wild 16 years! Yup, we've been around long before Twitter and Facebook were even created! Yet still, focused enthusiast forums like ours continue to live on. That's all due to you, the enthusiast!

I know some of you may be a little paranoid that "big brother is watching", but please do not fret as they're an extremely busy bunch and will be relegating their time and attention to the new 'Audi Customer Experience' forum. That's where one can directly communicate with Audi of America regarding Audi vehicles, ownership and dealership experiences, OEM parts and accessories, Audi tech and warranty, etc. They obviously will not address any aftermarket issues or voided warranty claims. You'll have to take that up within the proper channels. Also, same goes for those of you outside of the US. Yes, Canadians, that means you too. Regretfully, Audi Canada is a separate entity.

So in closing, I wanted to again give a huge thank you to all of our members, both the old timers and newbies. Without your passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to both the Audi brand and the Audizine community, we wouldn't be where we are now. To our advertisers and sponsors, thank you for helping to keep the doors open and the lights on. Lastly to Audi, an obvious thank you for designing and building these beautiful cars we all love so much!

Founder & Editor in Chief